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Yellow Sapphire - Rudraakshas

Yellow sapphire - 8.55 carats

Price : Rs. 4,27,350 -/

New Arrival Yellow Sapphire blesses one with good luck & fortune, wealth & prosperity, valor & fame. It brings success and profits in business & industry ; promotion, raise & approbation in service ; economic abundance, all comforts and luxuries in life. Yellow Sapphire removes hurdles in finding love, getting married, creates conducive circumstances to hasten delayed marriage, grants true happiness & marital bliss, and improves the quality of life. It brings affection & harmony in relationships ; fills one with enthusiasm & positive attitude. It results in fulfillment, benevolence, longevity & good health.
Blue Sapphire - Rudraakshas

Blue Sapphire - 5.35 carats

Price : Rs. 2,31,840 -/

New Arrival Blue Sapphire is an extremely powerful stone. If it proves conducive for a person, it can bless one with immense good luck, wealth and prosperity, and grant unexpected riches & sudden financial gains. Blue Sapphire also protects the wearer from misfortunes, accidents, unexpected & natural calamities, and guards one from unforeseen risks & dangers. This Gem stone guards one from all evil, purifies the mind and increase flow of positive energy and thought. It is specially recommended for protection from evil influences of Saturn.

Quality - Flawless, untreated, natural, Superior, Eye clean, brilliant lusture, Vedic astrology approved gemstone.
Emerald - Rudraakshas

Emerald 5.75 carats Zambian

Price : Rs. 1,15,115 -/

Emerald is an extremely powerful stone, which blesses the wearer with power, strength & mental energy to make the most of a difficult & challenging situation. It makes one so creative, imaginative, bold, intelligent & enterprising that one is flooded with bright mind-boggling ideas and can form strategies and operations for the most prestigious project of organization.
Ruby - Rudraakshas

Ruby - 1.56 carats

Price : Rs. 26,208 -/

Ruby is the Gemstone , used to enhance the powers of the Sun. An individual whose Sun is well placed in the birth Chart can never be unsuccessful. There are several attributes which decides the superiority of the ruby. For instance, if it is immersed in milk, the red rays should break the liquid. Or if it is rubbed on a stone, the stone may show signs of friction but the ruby must not lose weight. When examined in the early morning sun against the mirror, if it throws out its rays on the lower part of the mirror, the ruby very high quality.
White Sapphire - Rudraakshas

White Sapphire - 2.03 carats

Price : Rs. 43,470 -/

White sapphire is used as a diamond substitute. White Sapphire induces purity and fearlessness. It enhances artistic abilities and purifies our passions. It is said to make one more attractive.
Cats Eye - Rudraakshas

Cats eye - Kanak Kath - 2.35 carats

Price : Rs. 32,242 -/

Cat's Eye harmonizes Ketu which is traditionally known as the "tail of the dragon". In Jyotish, Ketu is the descending node of Chandra (Moon). It's influences are similar to Mangal or Mars and include liberation, abstract thinking, asceticism, non-attachment, healing, moksha (enlightenment) & wisdom. It's influence is over learning and emotions. It's wearing removes physical weakness. Mental worries are removed. If cat's eye acts favorably, it makes one a wealthy person.
Aquamarine - Rudraakshas

Aquamarine - 5.5 Carats

Price : Rs. 14,210 -/

Aquamarine clears the mind and balances the emotions while strengthening personal power. It encourages a connection with the higher and spiritual self. Worn for good health, luck and love.
Green Tourmaline - Rudraakshas

Green Tourmaline - 20 Carats

Price : Rs. 28,000-/

Green Tourmaline possesses a masculine energy that is filled with compassion.
Yellow Topaz - Rudraakshas

Yellow Topaz - 33 Carats

Price : Rs. 13,860 -/

Yellow Topaz symbolizes sobriety, clemency, faithfullnes, and gentleness. One gets kindhearted, generous and wealthy by wearing Yellow Topaz. One also get more brilliancy and intelligence leading a peaceful, pleasant and contended life. The use of Yellow Topaz gem also appeases anger, turns sadness into happiness, brings wealth and enhances positions and prestige.
Natural Basra Pearl - Rudraakshas

Natural Basra Pearl - 1.44 carats

Price : Rs. 36,288-/

The Basra pearl is the best one and unequalled to any other pearl type for its color, luster etc. Pearl increases both inner and outer beauty, facial lustre and charm. It reduces tensions, creates mental balance, peace of mind, tranquility and calmness, enhances power of love and understanding. Pearl brings good luck, inspires love, eliminates melancholy, increases enthusiasm and vitality. The wearer of Pearl is blessed with marital bliss and conjugal happiness. Pearl is used to remove the ill-effects of Moon.
Coral Beads - Rudraakshas

Coral beads necklace in gold-2mm

Price : Rs. 49,686-/

Coral stone gives many virtues like courage, perseverance, capability to face and solve circumstances and problems and enables a man to take risks. Necklace made in pure 24 ct gold in real coral beads (Italian , undyed , natural ) Bead size: 2mm
Coral Bracelet - Rudraakshas

Coral bracelet in gold

Price : Rs. 21,000 -/

Coral stone gives many virtues like courage, perseverance, capability to face and solve circumstances and problems and enables a man to take risks.

Made in pure 22ct gold caps with self design and strung in gold wire. Coral beads used are untreated and undyed.
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