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Puja Items

Rudraksha Bead

Heera Shankh large with Hakeek rosary

Price : Rs. 4,340-/ per Piece

Beautiful pattern of brown colour with the shades of white and green is seen in the shankh.

Very rare shankh used to invite abundance in your home/office . Place the Shankh anywhere on your office table, desk, living room, puja altar so that its top spiral faces North direction and the curved round portion is on the top. The tortoise of the brass stand should face east. Also, keep only one shankh in one room.
Rudraksha Bead India

Jade Radha Krishna statue

Price : Rs. 41,580-/ per Piece

Radha symbolizes the individual soul that is awakened to the love of God and is absorbed in such love. The sound of Krishna's flute represents the call of the divine for the individual souls.

Loving pair of Radha Krishna made from single piece of natural dark green Jade. Jade is an ancient stone that has historically been used to attract love. Jade can be used to bring money into your life. Jade is also a protective stone, guarding against accidents and misfortune.
Genuine Rudraksha Bead

Laxmi Statue

Price : Rs. 7,140-/ per Piece

Laxmi is said to be swarna-hasta meaning golden-handed. As this name suggests the Goddess pours out riches to the community. Where there is Laxmi there is prosperity. She is the possessor of great beauty and sits on a lotus. In her hands she holds two lotus. She is described as restless, whimsical yet maternal, with her arms raised to bless.
Rudraksha Mala

Hanumana statue in Green Jade - 460 gms

Price : Rs. 11,620-/ per Piece

God Hanuman is incarnation of Lord Shiva and is provider of courage, hope, knowledge, intellect and devotion. He is pictured as a robust monkey holding a mace (gada) which is a sign of bravery and with folded hands which is a sign of his devotion to Lord Rama. He is also called Pavan-suta (son of air) or Bajarangbali.

Property of Jade:

Jade is considered the health, wealth and longevity stone.
Jade is considered having a gentle, steady pulse of healing energy.
Jade gives excellent results when kept on right side of study table of students for enhancing memory and concentration . Very good for students pursuing higher education.
Rudraksha Mala

Abhishek tray with Stand and Pot

Price : Rs. 1,652-/ per Piece

An ideal abhishek set for daily puja.

Total height of set - 12 inches
Height of Pot - 2.75 inches
Height of Stand - 6.5 inches
Height of Abhishek tray - 4.25 inches
Diameter of Abhishek tray - 6 inches
Weight -550 gms.
Exclusive Rudraksha

Nandi (Shiv Abhishek vessel}

Price : Rs. 6,300-/ per Piece

Nandi is Shiva's vahan and the lingam is representation of the infinite cosmic column of fire.

Purpose: This beautiful 'Nandi-like' Abhishek vessel is best suited for performing Abhishekam on Shivling. The vessel is specially designed in shape of Nandi and the water flows out from the mouth of Nandi.

Design - Made in heavy shining brass.
Height - 9.5 inches
Weight - 3.3 kg.
Rudraksha Bead Nepal

Royal throne in Gems

Price : Rs. 10,4720-/ per Piece

A Grand throne studded with 13000 colour gems and silver finish base . This is used as a royal seat for Deity idols and other auspicious items. Intricate hand work and carefully placement of gems makes it a beautiful master piece . Long lasting finish.
The gems used in this throne are considered to have powers to multiply wealth and prosperity.
Install your deity idol on this throne & add beauty, brightness and richness to your puja altar.
Rudraksha Mukhi

OM deity throne

Price : Rs. 28,840-/ per Piece

Stunning throne studded deity throne studded with 2400 colour gems and Auspicious sacred symbol "Om" in the center. This can be used as seat for Deity idols and other auspicious items. Intricate design with Indian meenakari work and fine finish. The gems used in this throne are considered to have powers to multiply wealth and prosperity.
Install your deity idol on this throne & add beauty, brightness and richness to your puja altar.
Rudraksha Mantra

Pavitra Pooja Thali

Price : Rs. 14,980-/ per Piece

A decorative gold plated & stone studded thali to keep all pooja accessories. Pavitra pooja thali is specially designed for auspicious pooja ceremonies. This can be used in various pooja & is specially designed for Gifting purpose “a gift which every religious person will like” This pooja thali can be gifted on festivals like rakhi, diwali, laxmipooja, yatras, & several religious occasions.
This pavitra pooja thali will be sent in velvet plastic bag which is easy to carry while you travelling to religious places.

List of items included in Pavitra pooja thali
Plate Diameter: 5 inches
Abhishek pot for holy water like gangajal, tirth and abhishek of (Height: 3 inches x Top diameter: 2.25 inches)
Agarbatti stand for holding agarbatties (Height: 2 inches)
Diya for aarti (Height: 1.5 inches)
Bell (Ghanti) for spiritual vibrations (Height: 1.75 inches)
Pankha (fan) to air the deity /idol (Height: 5.75 inches)
Attardani (pack in elegant look bottle) a sandalwood fragrant to apply on deity (Weight: 8 ml)
Mirror shringar darshan (Dimensions: 3.5" x (H) x 2.75" (W)
Prasad container for keeping sweets & offerings (Height: 0.5 inches)
Chavar for please the lord (Height: 12 inches)
Sandal dhoop incense for offering sacred fragrance to the lord.(Quantity: 10 sticks each pack (12 pack)
Rudraksh japamala mantra & chants (Length: 36 inches)
Raksha sutra pack holy thread (Length: 11 inches)
Original Rudraksha Bead

The Havan Kit

Price : Rs. 3,010-/ per Piece

A handy havan kit having all the items you would need for performing a daily havan. The set contains copper Havan kund with stand, pair of Havan sticks, copper tongs.

The size of the kund is: 2.25 inches (Height) x 6 inches (Top diameter) x 3.5 inches (Base). The size is ideal for a quick and a short havan.
Rudraksha in Haridwar

Kartikeya Vahan Diya

Price : Rs. 2,310-/ per Piece

The peacock is the vahan (vehicle) of Subramanya or Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva. It is capable of destroying harmful serpents (symbolizing harmful ego and bad desires of people). It is also associated with fertility and good luck.
Mukhi Rudraksha

Peacock Samai

Price : Rs. 5,740-/ per Piece

Two golden peacock spreads this beautiful fan of feathers atop this decorative brass lamp that rests on an ornamental base. Below, are three lamp burners each designed to hold cotton wicks. This beautiful lamp stand will light up household temple or make any corner of home sparkle with a radiance that will dazzle everyone.
Shivaling - Rudraakshas
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