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Nepal Rudraksh Beads
This is the science of stringing rudraksha so that they work. Rudraksha are not normal beads from trees. They are alive with powers to change your life. They have power to change emotions, circumstances and path of planets in your favour. They work on diseases, thoughts and change your life the way it was meant to be - empowered, fulfilled, abundant and divine. But this science is known to the chosen ones. Just as gemsdo not work if not placed in appropriate fingers, similarly.

Rudraksha beads do not work when not strung properly

Even the most powerful rudraksha goes in slumber when not worn correctly. If the rudraksha mala you bought brings you discomfort, makes you hyper or too emotional, it is clear indication that beads are not strung according to

Rudraakshas Science Therapy All rudraksha combinations from Rudraakshas are strung according to Rudraksha Science Therapy. These combinations make you feel meditative, happy and alive within hours of wearing them. And within few days more of their power unfolds as beads start working on you and your life.

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